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-installation DSLM)

-Installation of Backbone Radio Ceragon (Haití))

-52 bar cabinet installation )

-Eleven Microwave Links Building in Haiti Voila)

-Ceragon Radio Backbone Monitoring )

-Installation of cell sites.)

-Turn Key project of Civil and Electromechanical Construction of Rooftop Cell Sites for Trilogy/VIVA and Intallation& Commissioning BTS GSM and Microwave link with Harris radio)

-Construction Site Trilogy (RD) )

-Construction Site Trilogy (RD) )

-Rectifiers and Power facility (room Bacteria) )

-Installing DSL Cabins (RD) )

-Installation, Commissioning and Network Integration of NORTEL Optic Terminals OME6500 for the Optical Ring, Trilogy/VIVA in D.R.)

-Pre-Stage Backbone with 12 Ceragon radion Links
JMOCK & CO, S.A. is a company dedicated to the construction and maintenace of telecomunication nets with the highest quality and guarantee of satisfaction.

We have teams and personal highly qualified to satisfy the necessities of our clients. read more
Installation, commissioning and tests for DMS / 5ESS switches, transmission and microware radios, wireless (CDMA & GSM BTS). broadband access, guide wave and antennas. read more
Field support (Site Surveys) and supervision services of project management and site engineering. read more
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